Every Exit Is An Entry

15 Dec

I stumbled upon this line during my teenage years, at school, wondering what it actually meant, only taking for granted that it was the ‘motto’ for the school bowling club.

Back then, being quite a curious yet still naive teenager I was, the farthest interpretation that I could conjure out of my mind was to understand that the bowling ball will hit the pins, be exited from the lane, and enter a mysterious chamber that eventually, will roll it back to where it first came from.

And I thought it was cool. In fact, I still do.

The transitions of life, from phase to phase, permits us the possibility of facing endless consequences that arise from even our simplest actions, decisions, a spark of thought or perception.

In life, naturally we will face instances that require us to choose and to make decisions. Again, almost naturally, our decisions will not only affect us, but also others who are in the same spectrum. And this, my brothers and sisters, happens to everyone.

As almost similar with ‘The Law of Attraction’, the consequences of our decisions will affect everyone in the picture, and everything that are shared together-time, commitment, feelings, memories…to name a few.


Sometimes, we are forced to an alley which we see as leading to an exit, and we thought, this is THE END.

We thought, this is it…there’s nothing left here for us.

We thought, in front us is a black, empty wall.

We thought, we must change in order to adapt.

What we commonly forget is that, there are always two flip sides of the coin.

A door will always open for two routes.

A ‘something’ will always begin from a ‘nothing’.

And that every EXIT is always an ENTRY.

Irwan Effendi (Pensyarah B.Inggeris Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim)

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Posted by on December 15, 2009 in Artikel, English Section


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